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Hello Gorgeous! We believe Daisy is a Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever, with the size (100+ lbs) and guardian instincts of a Pyrenees. She has very good manners in the house, but prefers a quiet home without too many visitors. She enjoys daily walks and generally does well meeting most dogs on her walks.  Daisy is not always happy about meeting new people -- she isn't aggressive, but she doesn't trust easily. She has a scary bark and uses it to keep people from encroaching on her personal space.  She tends to accept people more easily if they have a dog, and the second time she sees them, she may basically ignore them. People who love dogs and think that most dogs love them back are often surprised that Daisy won't let them pet her.  But she is a one-family dog.  Once you earn her trust, she rewards you with complete devotion, and will be very affectionate with you.

Daisy currently lives in a foster home with several dogs, some her own size and some much smaller. She gets along with all of them, though will often find a quiet spot away from the others to take her nap. She previously lived in a foster home with a small dog and a senior cat, and everyone got along just fine.

If you live a nice quiet life and would give to Daisy the same love and devotion she will give to you, Daisy just may be the dog for you!

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