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Crockett has been a hard-working man for pretty much his whole life (about 5 years, we think). He has guarded goats, cattle, donkeys, and horses in the past, and now he lives with our goats and donkeys. We're guessing him to be a Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix.

has proven safe with our livestock and is a fierce guardian. He can be aggressive with people that he does not know, so his adopter will need to be a strong leader and committed to taking the time necessary for him to grow into a more socialized dog.

Crockett is sporting a "Summer Cut" in these photos because his coat was so matted when he came to use that the best remedy was to shave and start over. He now has a full, long plush coat. We do not recommend shaving double-coated dogs like Great Pyrenees, but in Crockett's case it became necessary.

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