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Well thank HEAVENS Casper didn't get turned into a friendly GHOST when his time ran out at the shelter! Instead, volunteers stepped up to rescue him.

One thing we should say right upfront -- we really are just guessing about Casper's breeds. He is very strong, and pulls on the leash in a way that reminds us of a sled dog. He looks a lot like another dog we rescued last year, whose parents were known to be a Great Pyrenees and a Siberian Husky. But he also has just the tiniest bit of red/gold on the edges of his semi-prick ears, and that reminds us of other dogs we have rescued, including a white Shiba Inu, a Pyr/Aussie mix, and a Pyr/Red Heeler mix.  His tail is an interesting anomaly too. It's about half the length of a normal tail; he doesn't seem to be sensitive when we touch his tail, so we think maybe his tail has always been like this, or if it was cut short due to an accident or injury, it was long ago and left no residual sensitivity.  It almost makes us think that maybe he has a naturally bobtailed breed in his family tree -- some Aussies and Heeler are naturally bobtailed and others have docked tails. If you are as curious as we are, maybe your budget would allow you to donate a DNA test so we could find out what contributors there are to Casper's unique good looks.

Casper is very friendly with his people, and he is very affectionate, leaning into you frequently to encourage you to pet him. He has done OK meeting people at adoption events, but he is not usually friendly with visitors to his foster home. He is very protective of his home and family, and must be crated or put in a different room when visitors come.

He should NOT go to a home with cats, as he will chase them every chance he gets, and seems to mean harm to them, not a fun game of chase. 

Casper gets along OK with other dogs, but sometimes gets nervous when a dog who is larger than he is invades his space. He lives in peace with many dogs in his foster home, but would do best in a home where he is the only dog or at least the largest dog.

Casper enjoys spending time in the yard, but he also has good manners in the house -- no potty accidents, no chewing or other destructive behavior. 

He definitely needs a human family who is strong and can manage him on the leash, because HE is strong and can get excited and pull on the leash very hard. 

If Casper sounds like the dog of your dreams, submit an application on our website and we'll be glad to schedule a Meet & Greet where you can see for yourself what a sweet, handsome boy he really is.

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