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Paul Drake has been living in a pasture with Nigerian Dwarf goats and 3 other livestock guardian dogs. He seems to be a competent guardian, paying attention to the perimeter and guarding UP, IE barking at hawks and other large birds flying overhead. He will gladly leave the pasture when allowed, and LOVES attention from humans, so we think he could be a great guardian for a small homestead where he's part LGD and part family pet.


We pulled Paul Drake from one of our local shelters, along with Perry Mason and Della Street. Based on comments made on social media posts by folks in the area where they were picked up, we think that these 3 were working livestock guardian dogs.

So far, we can tell you that Paul Drake is young and playful but seems to have good guardian instincts. The first time we let him off-leash in the pasture, he walked the perimeter. He was only mildly interested in the goats, and every time he got close to them, our senior LGD Miss Rennie approached to tell him to keep his distance and mind his manners. He accepted her authority without challenging her in any way.

We also took Drake into our chicken yard and he behaved well. He hasn't shown any prey drive here, and ignores our barn cats, so he's off to a great start in our LGD testing.

When he's in a pasture withOUT livestock, Drake seems to be all about play time with other dogs. And when he's totally off the ranch, he seems all about PEOPLE time. He is REALLY affectionate and enjoys spending time with people.

Drake is still young and energetic, and as much as he likes people, we think he could probably adapt to life as a pet. If he gets adopted as a working dog, it would be best if he has a slightly older, experienced dog to be his companion and mentor. As we spend more time testing him in our pasture, we'll update this bio, but for now, we think he's young enough to be flexible about his future home as long as he has humans who will love him and give him plenty of affection.

If you would like to make Drake part of your family, please submit your application here.

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