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Sadie (fka Kara)

Sadie (formerly known as Kara) was a working livestock guardian dog who was adopted from us in 2018, but due to a change in her family's personal circumstances, had to be returned to us. She has proven safe with goats, chickens, ducks, and barn cats. She gets along well with other dogs, and is extremely sweet and loving with people of all ages. 

During her years in her adoptive home, Sadie spent  a good portion of her time in the pasture protecting goats and chickens, but she also had house privileges and enjoyed being able to come inside during the heat of the day. Sadie returned to Windsong Ranch in July 2022 when temperatures were 100+ degrees for days on end. Since the layout of our place doesn't make it easy for dogs to go back and forth from pasture to the house (as she had done in her previous home), we brought Sadie into the house. She has been quite content with the move. She will go outside to do her potty business, and she will take a little excursion into the chicken yard with us. But she is happy to come right back inside. She definitely still has good guardian instincts and will bark when she sees/hears/smells a potential threat. But rather than moving back to the pasture full-time, we think that Sadie would be happiest if she could continue living inside. She would be a great addition to a small homestead, or to a family with a flock of chickens in the back yard.

Sadie is spayed, current on all her vaccinations and heartworm prevention, and recently had her teeth cleaned, so she is ready to find her new family. Apply here.

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