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Jaycie is one of The Magnificent Seven dogs from a 9,600 acre ranch in the northern-most part of the Texas Panhandle. Like all the others in that group, she spent her life protecting goats, and wasn't ever properly socialized with humans. We have managed to earn her trust, but she is still a little bit shy with strangers. But she's an excellent LGD with our goats, and she gets along with other dogs, as long as they don't pose any threat to the livestock. She ignores our barn cats, but will chase a chicken if one dares to come into her pasture, and I feel sure she would EAT anything she could catch.

Jaycie had FHO surgery in April 2019. While the surgery relieved some of her pain, she has never seemed to regain the full range of motion, so she has an odd gait. We give her Adequan injections and pain meds as needed. But overall, for a dog her age, she's doing great.  Since she's part of a TEAM of LGDs here at Windsong Ranch, she's not at risk of being harmed by a predator, and her gentle demeanor makes her perfect for staying with the goats while other dogs do perimeter patrols.

We think Jaycie enjoys feeling like she has a job, but she also seems to enjoy napping on a cushy dog bed in the barn from time to time. If you would like to give her an easy retirement, perhaps protection your small homestead in the company of another LGD, please complete the application on our website -- https://www.bluebonnetrescue.org/info/adoption.


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