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Lindsey was pregnant when she was picked up by animal control in a small East Texas town. She delivered 10 pups in the shelter, but one did not survive. It's really a testament to the care that shelter staff and volunteers provided that they lost only one, as a shelter is no place for newborn puppies. The shelter posted this precious family, looking for a rescue to take them. Great Pyrenees rescues across Texas turned them down because they are obviously mixes, and the rescues were already jam-packed with dogs and pups who looked more like Pyrs. Shelter staff had no choice but to add Lindsey and all her puppies to their list for euthanasia, which would have been a sad day for everyone. Thankfully, one of our foster moms volunteered to foster the whole family, and we were happy to take them into Bluebonnet Animal Rescue. We love our Great Pyrs, but we are not limited to just one breed, so it didn't matter to us that they are mixes.

We think Lindsey is a Great Pyrenees/Border Collie mix. She's friendly and playful, and loves people. Lindsey has been spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped.  She gets along well with other dogs, but can be a little bit alpha in her behavior.  She enjoys taking a dip in the wading pool to cool off in summer. Lindsey has a high prey drive and is NOT safe with livestock or cats.

If you have room in your heart and home for this beautiful girl, please read about our process and submit your application on our website:

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